University of Nebraska Medical Center

Research Funding

Our center provides a variety of funding opportunities to promote advances in research by supporting high quality publications, networking, and projects.

The center's director and associate director will select funding priorities for each year, with approval by the steering committee.

Center members must be in good standing to become eligible to receive funding. Good standing is defined as those who meet and maintain criteria for membership (e.g., attend at least six center events per year, maintain current ORCID ID, actively engage in cardiovascular research).

Research Project Funding

Pilot Grants

Supports research projects that are aimed at generating preliminary data, publications, collaborations that will be competitive for future external funding once the project is completed. Priority is for investigators eligible to become Research Project Leaders in the COBRE.

  • Eligibility: CHVR members in good standing
  • Max Award Amount: $100,000 / year for two years
  • Current RFA: Pending
Payline Grants

Funds to help investigators complete crucial experiments for resubmission of external grant applications that score within ~10% of payline.

  • Eligibility: CHVR members in good standing with demonstrated financial need who have submitted an external funding application within the past 18 months that scored within ~10% of payline but was not awarded.
  • Max Award Amount: $10,000
  • Current RFA: Pending
Provider-Partner Grants

Support new research projects that have high potential for changing patient care within the next five years.

  • Eligibility: Providers and their partners identified after a successful Provider Pitch (see Research Opportunities). The projects should be very focused to address a specific identified health care need and investigators must be CHVR members in good standing.
  • Max Award Amount: $20,000 for 1 year renewable for a second year upon satisfactory productivity.
  • Current RFA: Pending
Core Vouchers

Provide financial assistance to investigators who would benefit from accessing the services available in the three CHVR Research cores.

  • Eligibility: CHVR members in good standing
  • Max Award Amount: $5,000
  • RFA: Pending

Presentation and Publication Awards

Annual Retreat Presentation Awards

Award best poster presenters at the annual CHVR research retreat. Members must include poster information in their RSVP for the retreat. 

  • Eligibility: CHVR members in good standing who present at the annual retreat
  • Max Award Amount: $500
Research Manuscript Awards

Award first authors of outstanding primary research manuscripts published in the previous calendar year.

  • Eligibility: The first and/or last author of the manuscript must be a CHVR member in good standing. Manuscript must be published in a Quartile 1 ranked journal.
  • Max Award Amount: $1,000
  • Current RFA: Pending

Professional Development

Summer Student Stipends

Provide funds to support summer students in research laboratories of faculty members.

  • Eligibility: Hosting faculty member must be a CHVR member in good standing.
  • Max Award Amount: $2,500 in salary support
  • Current RFA: Pending
Staff and Trainee Travel Awards

Funds for non-faculty members to attend scientific meetings.

  • Eligibility: CHVR members in good standing who are presenting research findings as either a poster or oral presentation at the meeting.
  • Max Award Amount: $1,000
  • Current RFA: Pending

Support investigators wanting to incorporate new technology or model into their lab. Provides the opportunity to travel to other labs outside Nebraska to learn new techniques.

  • Eligibility: CHVR member in good standing.
  • Max Award Amount: TBD
  • Current RFA: Pending