• It’s the ecosystem of big-data, computers, software, and the expertise of personnel that helps build the Center for Intelligent Health – each of these components have little value without the ecosystem

  • NU among top at global Pandemic Response Challenge

Intelligently Simplifying Health Care

We are at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution.  A revolution that will have a greater impact than the industrial revolution. A revolution linking the physical and digital world triggered by ubiquitous data collection, computing processing power and the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI). The University of Nebraska is Medical Center is ready. The Center for Intelligent Health Care (CIHC) is the vehicle bring the digital and physical world together for the benefit of clinicians and patients in Nebraska, the United States and beyond. 

The Center for Intelligent Health Care (CIHC) is a Regent’s approved Center of Excellence.  We work across all four NU campuses to unite clinicians, clinical informaticists, data scientists, and computer scientists to create a world-class organization envisioning and enabling the next generation of healthcare through three core areas: Good data, good design, and optimizing human and computer cognition. 

Our Vision: Making healthcare more efficient and effective for clinicians; safer and more satisfying for patients. 

Our Mission: The Center for Intelligent Health Care (CIHC) brings the digital and physical world together through three cores: Good Data, Good Design, and Human and Computer Cognition. Through those three cores, CIHC intelligently simplifies healthcare, providing quality streamlined solutions for clinicians and their patients.