University of Nebraska Medical Center


Dr. Windle Appointed to Medical Informatics Task Force

John Windle, MD

John Windle, MD, the founding director of the Center for Intelligent Health Care at UNMC, has been selected to serve on the American Medical Informatics Association’s 25×5 Task Force that is examining how to reduce U.S. health professionals’ documentation burden.

For 25 years, Dr. Windle has focused his efforts and research into digital technology for health care clinicians. He has received funding from the National Science Foundation, National Institute for Standards and Technology, the National Library of Medicine and the Agency for Health Care Quality and Research. Dr. Windle, who served as chief of the UNMC Division of Cardiovascular Medicine for 16 years, lists research interests in optimizing electronic health records and developing artificial intelligence solutions to health care records.

The task force’s mission is to reduce documentation to 25% of its current state within five years through partnerships and advocacy with health systems, professional societies and public/private sector organizations.

Collaborative Initiatives by Center Faculty Members


  • Introduction to Humanities and Arts in Physician Assisted Education - Timi Barone, Beth Culross
  • Framework for Human Robot Interactions in Healthcare Facility Interactions - Kyungki Kim, John Windle, Melissa Christian, Erica Ryherd, Dung Tran, John Windle
  • Wearable Device for Continual Noninvasive Measurement of Pulse Wave Velocity - Stephen Rennard, Ran Dai


  • Development of ultra-high dose-rate (Flash) cancer radiotherapy – Ran Dai, Subodh Lele
  • Improving Mobility in Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease Using Specially Designed Tennis Shoes – Sara Myers
  • Maternal/Infant Microbiome in Rural Populations – Juan Cui
  • Developing a new drug screening platform to identify radioprotective compounds – Babu Guda
  • Machine learning applications for gait signatures in patients with peripheral artery disease – Sara Myers, Fadi Alsaleem
  • Strategies to mitigate intergenerational prescription opioid abuse – Babu Guda


  • A Cybersecurity Educational Platform by Automatically Generating Personalized Feedback - Leen-Kiat Soh
  • Moving From Good Data to Good Outcomes: An Exploratory Project for Explainable Artificial Intelligence – Stephen Scott
  • Spatial Analysis of Health Care Accessibility and Usage in Nebraska - Martina Clarke, Timi Barone, John Windle, Jason Combs, Paul Burger
  • Multidisciplinary Approach – Stephen Scott
  • Wearable bioelectronic device to detect changes in health status – Stephen Rennard