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NVIDIA DGX Supercomputer

Using the power of the DGX A100 super computer, Yiannis Chatzizisis, MD, PhD, examines patient-specific computer simulations of coronary artery stenting procedures. "The system can handle a large amount of data and run multiple tasks simultaneously," he said.

Rapidly and efficiently process big data – from the genome to population-based research – with our secure, HIPAA-compliant supercomputer.

Researchers can use the NVIDIA DGX A100 supercomputer to analyze thousands of data points, charts and clinical encounters, and other data sources to create predictive models of disease.

The supercomputer is helping create a new era of precision health care by delivering to clinicians the right information at the right time and in the right format. Center director John Windle, MD, said, "Linking human cognition and artificial intelligence with good data, and the right algorithms and analytics, will help us achieve that precision."

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“"The DGX supercomputer is great. Its capabilities far exceed anything that we have had access to before, and it’s specifically designed to train deep learning models."”

David Ellis

David Ellis

Data Analyst, UNMC Department of Neurosurgery

Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure Support

Our center offers resource for supporting the projects of researchers, clinicians, computer scientists and data scientists.

Study preparation
  • Study design
  • Business case development
  • IRB support
  • Identify collaborators
  • NVIDIA DGX Supercomputer
  • Identify software requirements
  • Administrative hardware
  • Data management
  • Identify data sources
  • ETL: Extract, Transform, Load
  • Information security
  • Stay within enterprise firewall with sensitive data

DGX A100 Projects

How to Use the Supercomputer

To use the supercomputer, an individual must have (or be assigned) a UNMC or Nebraska Medicine email and submit a request for access through Redcap. The CIHC team then reviews the request, ensures that the requester receives HIPAA and ethics training and then grants access to use the supercomputer.

Our center team also can help align researchers — whether from the other NU campuses or private entities — with the necessary IT expertise to create successful projects.