University of Nebraska Medical Center

Class Descriptions & Schedule

We benefit from our affiliation with UNMC, a leading academic health sciences center. We specialize in developing programs for people with chronic conditions. Join today for a fitness/balance assessment and an individualized fitness program designed by a degreed exercise science professional.

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Group Movement Class Schedule

Schedule for June through August. Special events that affect the schedule will be posted.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:15 am Stretching No class No class No class No class
9 am Totally Engaged 9 am Yoga 9 am Totally Engaged 9 am Yoga No class
10 am Low Impact Aerobics 10 am Circuit 10 am Low Impact Aerobics 10 am Circuit No class
10 am Cardio Blast No class 10 am Cardio Blast No class No class
No class 11 am Tai Chi 11 am Stretching 11 am Cardio Blast No class

Group Movement Classes

Attend our group movement classes in person or virtually (Cardio Blast and Circuit are not offered virtually). Classes are ongoing and no registration is required.

Cardio Blast
A cardio, interval-based class on the fitness floor. You choose the cardio machine follow a speed or resistance-based workout. (30 minute class)
This class rotates through several stations of strength and cardio exercises. Each exercise is performed for a certain amount of time or number of repetitions. This is a fast moving class but has   intensity options for all fitness levels. (45 minute class)
Low Impact Aerobics
This class follows the tempo of the music, but participants are encouraged to move at their own pace. It incorporates various step patterns, kickboxing moves and gets the heart rate up! (45 minute class)
With a focus on mind-body awareness this class incorporates slow & rhythmic movements to stretch all major muscle groups. (30 minute class)
Tai Chi
This class focuses on slow-flowing movements, weight shifts, balance, and follows the tai chi 8-forms. Class can be done standing or seated in a chair. (30 minute class)
Totally Engaged
Whole-body workout that incorporates all areas of fitness: cardio, strength, balance and flexibility. Intensity options for all fitness levels. (45 minute class)
Simple flowing sequences to warm up the body, as well as slower paced movements focusing on alignment, strength, balance, and flexibility. (45 minute class)
Virtual Classes
Live virtual classes will not be offered during this time period. Previously recorded classes will continue to be available via the private Facebook group.