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We benefit from our affiliation with UNMC, a leading academic health sciences center and specialize in developing programs for people with chronic conditions.

Join us today for a fitness/balance assessment and an individualized fitness program designed by a degreed exercise science professional.

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After you become a member of Engage Wellness and complete your assessment, you can take part in the variety of group movement classes and programs we have to offer.

A participant takes part in an instructor-led group movement class at UNMC's Engage Wellness.

Evidence-Based Programs

One-on-One Health Enhancement Services

Personal Training

One-on-one exercise instruction is a great option for individuals who may be unable or do not feel comfortable participating in a group setting. The trainer ensures the individual is performing the exercise safely and gaining maximum benefit from the workout. Participants will also benefit from learning a variety of exercises specific to their fitness level, goals and abilities.

FallProof™ One-on-One

FallProof™ is a progressive program designed to address the multiple dimensions that contribute to balance and mobility. Instruction from one of Nebraska’s only certified FallProof™ instructors will include pre-assessment for balance impairments, improved seated and standing posture, improved walking ability, strategies that will help improve the ability to recover from a loss of balance, increased confidence and reduced fear of falling, improved performance of activities of daily living, and post-assessment.

How to Schedule

All one-on-one health enhancement services are by appointment; call 402-552-7210 for details.

Events and Specials


Free Day Fridays

All Day

Engage Wellness is located on the first floor of the Home Instead Center for Successful Aging on UNMC’s campus.


Wellness Workshop: Nutrition and Brain Health

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Engage Wellness is located on the first floor of the Home Instead Center for Successful Aging on UNMC’s campus. This event will be hosted in the Group Movement Room.

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