University of Nebraska Medical Center

Bison Worker Safety

The bison industry is growing in the central states region, and working with bison can be extremely dangerous. This project seeks to address those dangers.

Livestock management poses significant worker health risks, particularly in underserved populations. Research focused on injury rate reduction for bison herd workers, as well as best practices for bison management is very poorly defined.

The project Establishing a Community-Based Training Network to Enhance Bison Herd Workers Safety on Tribal Lands seeks to evaluate injury rates, develop and implement culturally appropriate intervention strategies, and establish a novel training program aimed at assessing and reducing injuries on Tribally managed bison ranches.

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Intertribal Buffalo Council Cultural Harvest

CS-CASH and the Intertribal Buffalo Council hosted the 5th Bison Worker Safety & Herd Health Roundtable in June 2023, followed by a cultural bison harvest with the ITBC's new harvest trailer. The trailer is a way to help tribes process bison on-site.