Center for Preparedness and Emergency Response Solutions (CPERS)

The Center for Preparedness and Emergency Response Solutions (CPERS) focuses on research, planning, training, exercises, and education related to public health and health care emergencies.  Additionally, CPERS conducts traditional academic and community activities in the fields of preparedness and infectious diseases. This Center provides coordination and support for the interdisciplinary activities of research, education (both graduate and continuing education), and all-hazard preparedness planning locally, nationally, and internationally.

Center for Collaboration on Research Design and Analysis (CCORDA)

The Center for Collaboration on Research Design and Analysis (CCORDA) seeks to advance clinical, basic, and translational research and public health research at UNMC and in the community and region.  

Center for Global Health and Development

The Center for Global Health and Development strives to serve as the translational platform for these fundamental principles. Our ambition is for the state of Nebraska to be among the first to experience a significant global response as it emerges as an important player in all domains of health and public health.

Center for Health Policy

The mission of the Center for Health Policy is to improve the public’s health in Nebraska by generating and disseminating interdisciplinary research and objective analysis of health policies. Since its launch in March 2012, the Center has made its impact on Nebraska by producing research that improves health policy decisions, facilitating communication among stakeholders in health policy, enhancing the role of UNMC in promoting the health of Nebraskans, and supporting the educational initiatives of UNMC in health policy.

Center for Health Policy Analysis and Rural Health Research

Center for Health Policy Analysis and Rural Health Research lead research teams that study how health care and public services are financed, organized, and delivered and how public policies affect the health and well-being of both rural and urban populations.

Center for Reducing Health Disparities

To become a nationally-recognized Center of Excellence for promoting health equity through quality research, education, and community engagement. To promote equity and social justice in health and health care by leading collaborative efforts to generate and disseminate evidence-based, policy-relevant solutions.

Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health (CS-CASH)

Our mission is to work with the agricultural community in the Central States and beyond, conducting research, intervention, education, and outreach activities, which aim to discover the mechanisms of injury and illness, and to develop, implement, and evaluate prevention strategies that measurably improve the health and safety of members of the agricultural community. We envision a vibrant agricultural sector in our region and the United States where health and safety is highly valued and work-related injuries and illnesses are rare.