University of Nebraska Medical Center

Immigrant Workforce

Project Overview

The “Health and Safety Risks among Immigrant Cattle Feedlot Workers in Nebraska and Kansas” project has three primary aims:

Aim 1

Systematically explore and describe the health status and occupationally related risks among Latino immigrant cattle feedlot workers in Nebraska and Kansas. (Project years 1-3)

Aim 2

Test the Ecological Stress-based Model of Immigrant Health and Safety. This conceptual model predicts if workers’ intrapersonal mechanisms (i.e., stress appraisal, ethnic identity, and cultural values) mitigate culture-related occupational stress and negative health outcomes. (Project years 3-4)

Aim 3

Review, develop, evaluate, and disseminate bilingual (English/Spanish) health and safety educational and policy materials designed specifically for cattle feedlot operations. (Project years 4-5)