John J. Lowe, PhD

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Health Security Training and Education

Director of Research, Nebraska Biocontainment Unit
Director, Global Center for Health Security
Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Environmental, Agricultural and Occupational Health
University of Nebraska Medical Center
College of Public Health

Professional Experience


Research Interests

John J. Lowe, PhD is an Associate Professor who serves as the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Health Security Training and Education, Director of Research for the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit and National Quarantine Unit, and Director for the Global Center for Health Security at the University Of Nebraska Medical Center. Dr. Lowe specializes in infection prevention and control of emerging infectious diseases and special pathogens including COVID-19, Ebola, Lassa fever and Influenza. He has peer reviewed papers in molecular virology, industrial hygiene and environmental exposure assessment, focusing on environmental microbiology and disrupting transmission of infectious diseases.

Dr. Lowe leads COVID-19 initiatives investigating COVID-19 transmission dynamics, improving prevention in healthcare, long term care, meat packing and other industries. He currently serves as primary investigator for national training centers, international biosurveillence networks and has helped to determine national guidelines, policies, procedures, and best practices to treat patients with SARS Coronavirus 2, Ebola virus disease and other highly infectious diseases. Specific areas of focus include patient transportation, waste handling/disposal, patient discharge, patient remains, PPE donning and doffing, decontamination, etc. Dr. Lowe holds leadership roles in several organizations and centers, such as the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit, the National Quarantine Unit, the National Ebola Training and Education Center, and the National Health Security Training Center. John is Co-PI of the Biosafety and Infectious Disease Training Initiative, a NIEHS funded consortium.  Dr. Lowe has funded projects associated with addressing and disrupting the spread of highly infectious diseases through laboratory capacity building and clinical trials in West Africa as well as research initiatives with Department of Defense to optimize high-level isolation systems.

Selected Publications

Professional Affiliations

American Public Health Association
American Society of Microbiology
Public Health Association of Nebraska