Environmental, Agricultural & Occupational Health

Eleanor RoganWelcome from the chair!

As Chairperson, I welcome you to the Department of Environmental, Agricultural and Occupational Health. The mission of our department is to provide leadership and foster research, education and public service leading to improvements in environmental health, agricultural health, and occupational health and safety. To accomplish this mission, our goals include making new discoveries that lead to breakthroughs in environmental health, agricultural health, and occupational health and safety, working to decrease toxicological problems associated with environmental and occupational exposures, and foster more sustainable environments.  We offer professional and continuing education in environmental health, agricultural health, occupational health and toxicology for the public health workforce of Nebraska and the region, and provide advice and consultation to community organizations, public agencies and public policy makers to enhance our environmental and occupational health status.

Our department faculty teach courses that are taken by professional students in the College of Public Health and/or by MS and PhD students in the Graduate College. Our graduate students are enrolled in the Environmental Health, Occupational Health and Toxicology Graduate Program. We currently have students in all of our program tracks and both MS and PhD degrees have already been awarded in the program, which began in 1999.

The faculty also conduct research in their areas of environmental, agricultural and occupational health. Their research and service activities are often accomplished through multi-disciplinary collaborations within and outside the College of Public Health, the UNMC campus, and NU system. This broad approach enables us to tackle difficult issues in order to improve the health of our communities, especially rural, agriculture-based communities, both in Nebraska and around the world. Several of our experts in environmental and occupational health are already consulted by the community on issues in these areas of research.

We invite you to join in these activities.  We welcome inquiries from community members and applications from prospective students.

Eleanor Rogan, PhD
Chair and Professor