Matthew W. Nonnenmann, PhD, CIH


Department of Environmental, Agricultural and Occupational Health
University of Nebraska Medical Center
College of Public Health

Professional Summary

Dr. Nonnenmann is an industrial hygienist who specializes in measuring and controlling dust and bioaerosols. His long-term goal is to protect the public health through research that advances the science of exposure assessment and advances the science of characterization and control of bioaerosols. Dr. Nonnenmann has 25 years of experience working as an industrial hygienist in the agricultural and health care sectors primarily funded through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Research Interests

Dr. Nonnenmann is interested in using unique tools to characterize and control exposures to bioaerosols using engineering, administrative and personal protection solutions. He is also interested in characterizing the transmission dynamics of bioaerosols during animal-human interactions to prevent pathogen spillover.

Selected Publications

Professional Affiliations