Age Friendly Health Systems

The Foundation for Health in Aging contains free, reliable and up-to-date information created by experts in health care for older adults on topics such as:


  • What Matters Focusing on What Matters Most means looking at the goals of our care, coordinating advance care planning, and making sure priorities and preferences that are important to us individually become part of our treatment plans.
  • Medications Focusing on Medications means raising awareness about potential side effects while also working to reduce the number of medications we take whenever we can.
  • Mobility is the term for being able to move freely on our own or with help. Mobility is linked to staying physically fit and being able to live on our own for as long as possible, which makes it one of the most important “Ms” of geriatrics for our health, safety, and independence.  Focusing on Mobility means maintaining our ability to walk or stay balanced while also avoiding falls and other types of common injuries.
  • Mentation Staying mentally sharp and managing mental health can help us live longer and hopefully healthier lives. That’s why expert attention to the Mind—one of the “Ms” of geriatrics and age-friendly care—is such an important part of our well-being.  Focusing on the Mind means supporting our brain health and managing unique conditions like dementia, delirium, and depression, which can affect our ability to think clearly and make decisions.