Home Safety

Community Home Elder Safety Solutions, or CHESS, is a University of Nebraska Medical Center student organization with the goal of benefiting older adults in Omaha by reducing the rate of falls and injuries. Student volunteers use a checklist to look for safety hazards in the home and recommend changes. The (CHESS) group is providing free home safety assessments for older adults in the Omaha area.

PDF Flyer Attachment – CHESS

Eligible program participants will receive:
1.Home Safety Inspection with emphasis on preventing falls and
2.Risk identification and solution planning.
3.Referral to free or low-cost repair services through the Eastern
Nebraska Office on Aging’s Senior Help program.


To schedule a free home safety inspection, please contact:
Kaitlyn Thompson
Email: kcrutchley@unmc.edu
Phone: 314-800-8452




Supported in part by funding from:
UNMC College of Medicine Alumni Engagement Council
UNMC Student Senate