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Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health

Our center works with ag safety and health partners across our seven-state region and beyond to improve the health and safety of members of the agricultural community.


Our mission is to work with the agricultural community in the Central States and beyond, conducting research, intervention, education, and outreach activities, which aim to discover the mechanisms of injury and illness, and to develop, implement, and evaluate prevention strategies that measurably improve the health and safety of members of the agricultural community.


Our center serves a region that includes Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota. Our headquarters is at UNMC in Omaha.


We envision a vibrant agricultural sector in our region and the United States where health and safety is highly valued and work-related injuries and illnesses are rare.

Explore our research, resources, and outreach.

  • Injury and illness surveillance
  • Feedyard worker safety
  • Agricultural dust lung injury
  • Bison - Herd worker safety
  • Immigrant feedyard worker safety
  • Improving the use of PPE in ag
  • Pilot Program
  • Emerging Issues
  • Educational flyers
  • Outreach

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A Vision for Improving Ag Safety and Health.