Chad Abresch, PhD


Associate Professor
Department of Health Promotion
University of Nebraska Medical Center
College of Public Health

Professional Summary

Health outcomes in the United States are nowhere near where they should be. A myriad of key health indicators, such as infant and maternal mortality, life expectancy, cancer survival rates, AIDS diagnoses, and more, reveal marked differences based on personal identity (e.g., race, ethnicity, sexual identity). These health inequities hurt us all, reducing our collective well-being and limiting our human potential.

Chad Abresch, along with a host of great colleagues, holds a vision for a better future and is working to make that vision a reality. Dr. Abresch serves as Chair for the Department of Health Promotion at UNMC’s College of Public Health. The Department of Health Promotion is dedicated to addressing and improving health for all populations and partnering with communities to realize an end to inequitable health outcomes. The faculty is one of the most diverse on UNMC’s campus, and their diversity can be seen in their personal identities, research interests, methodological approaches, and community partners. The work and research conduct within the department emphasizes the importance of relationships, working together with community members, patients, health professionals, educators, policy-makers, and more to improve populational health outcomes.

Chad enjoys life in Omaha, Nebraska with his four growing children.


Research interests

Abresch’s research focuses on reducing and eliminating inequities in maternal and child health outcomes. He partners primarily with our nation’s local health departments along with federal agencies to design and implement programs aimed at achieving health equity.

Selected Publications

Professional Affiliations