Faculty & Staff

Department of Health Promotion faculty, staff and their research interest:

Chad Abresch, PhD - Professor and Chair

Dr. Abresch’s research focuses on reducing and eliminating inequities in maternal and child health outcomes.

Fabio A. Almeida, PhD - Associate Professor

My research and professional experience, to date, have focused on seeking...

David A. Dzewaltowski, PhD - Endowed Community Chair & Professor

Community Development for Population Health — Dr. Dzewaltowski is a social and behavior scientist who studies community systems and their practices, how communities create...

Carol Gilbert, PhD, MS - Assistant Professor

My primary research goal is to improve the way communities use local data, research findings, and other information for planning and decision-making.

Brandon Grimm, PhD, MPH - Associate Professor

My areas of interest include workforce, leader and leadership development, the measurement and evaluation...

Regina Idoate, PhD - Assistant Professor

Native American Health & Wellness, Health Care Workforce Disparities, Medical Humanities, Spiritual Wellness, Student Health, Mindfulness...

Keyonna M. King, DrPH, MA - Assistant Professor

Applying the community-based participatory research (CBPR) approach in pragmatic, community-engaged research using community partnerships with a goal to develop culturally tailored interventions...

Shannon Maloney, PhD - Assistant Professor

I am interested in the mechanisms through which communities and health systems promote maternal and child health while advancing the respect and dignity of women. My work emphasizes engaging communities...

Tzeyu Michaud, PhD - Assistant Professor

Dr. Michaud is experienced in conducting evidence-based economic evaluations of interventions at the clinical or population levels. Through this practice, her goal is to inform practice guidelines... 

 Gwenndolyn Porter, PhD - Assistant Professor

Dr. Porter is a dissemination and implementation scientist who works to engage clinical and community partners ...
Abbie Raikes, PhD - Associate Professor

Early childhood development, especially in low- and middle-income countries and in high-risk populations in the United States...
Shireen Rajaram, PhD - Associate Professor

Health disparities, women’s health, intimate partner violence and sexual assault, sex trafficking, and environmental justice...

Athena Ramos, PhD, MS, MBA, CPM - Assistant Professor

Agricultural health and safety, Immigrant integration, Community well-being, Tobacco control and prevention, Latino and LGBT health disparities...

Eleanor Rogan, PhD - Professor

Research centers around elucidating mechanisms of activation of carcinogens, identifying carcinogen-DNA adducts, and correlating adducts with oncogenic mutations.  From our previous study of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH)...

Marisa Rosen, PhD, MPH - Assistant Professor

My research interests center around developing processes to enable communities and health systems to engage in local, data-driven...

Michelle Strong, PhD, MPH - Assistant Professor

Michelle Strong is an advocate for building resilience among military families and is interested...

Dejun Su, PhD - Associate Professor
Part of my research concerns social determinants of health and mortality, especially how risk exposure in early life, occupational career, social relationships, and life style can help explain health disparities. The second area of my research focuses on disparities in health care access...
Melissa Tibbits, PhD - Vice-Chair and Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director

Dr. Tibbits specializes in research on the development, implementation, and evaluation of initiatives that (a) address the underlying causes of poor health outcomes in childhood and adolescence and (b) enable children...

Siobhan Wescott, MD, MPH - Associate Professor, Department of Health Promotion, Dr. Susan and Suzette La Flesche Professor of American Indian Health

American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) health and increasing the number of Native healthcare professionals...


Affiliated Faculty:



  • Nahia Jean Amoura
  • Katie Brandert, MPH, CHES
  • Jo Carrigan
  • Chang Estelle, MD, MPH
  • Jason D. Coleman, PhD, MSPH
  • Nancy Edick, UNO, College of Education
  • Aletas Gaertner, MPH
  • Bruce G. Gordon
  • Carl B. Greiner
  • Jay Irwin, PhD
  • Hannah Jackson, PhD
  • Sofia Jawed-Wassel
  • Michael D. Jones
  • Gail Baker McCarty
  • Samuel Meisels
  • Phyllis Nsiah-Kumi
  • Ernest D. Prentice
  • Ka-Chun Siu (Joseph)
  • Vernon Smith Carl
  • Danae Wolcott



Tricia Munoz - Office Associate II


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