Fabio A. Almeida, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Health Promotion
University of Nebraska Medical Center
College of Public Health

Professional Summary


Research interests

My research and professional experience, to date, have focused on seeking solutions to the growing global chronic disease epidemic in particular as it has a disproportional negative impact on the lives of those who are the most vulnerable in our societies. The ultimate goal of my work is to eliminate health disparities within chronic diseases, enhance health equity, and improve health outcomes for those who need it most in collaboration with community and practice partners by using available resources, evidence-based programs, and cost-effective strategies focusing on better health and enhanced quality of life for all.

To address these challenges, my research program concentrates on a systems approach to the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. We focus on identifying the connections between systems and individuals which can create and sustain positive behavior changes associated with improved health outcomes. A systems approach explores the potential of multiple and diverse systems to influence individual choices and behaviors around physical activity, nutritional choices, and patient compliance with treatment recommendations.

This approach to program development and dissemination seeks to achieve a greater public health impact by reducing disparities while enhancing health equity. We operationalize public health impact through the RE-AIM framework and design and disseminate programs and policies that (a) Reach a large representative sample of the target audience (in particular those most vulnerable); (b) demonstrate Effectiveness in changing individual behaviors and Maintaining those changes; (c) are easily Adopted and Implemented in a variety of settings by a variety of delivery agents with the available resources; and (d) can be Maintained at the organizational level over time. By achieving greater public health impact, programs and policies can lead to better health and enhanced quality of life for all.

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