University of Nebraska Medical Center

Research Infrastructure

Center research infrastructure provides research cores and programs that facilitate implementation of cutting-edge technologies and models to advance research productivity and impact.

All CHVR cores and programs assist investigators with experimental design, data interpretation, preparation of figures and text for manuscripts and grant applications, and provide grant submission support documents.

Operational principles

Using a concierge approach, CHVR core and program directors guide investigators to appropriate resources necessary to conduct their research. Core and program directors serve as a resource to aid investigators with similar interests to maximize available resources.

Activities in the CHVR core are designed to directly feed into other downstream cores and programs. For example, human specimens are collected and archived in a manner compatible with downstream analyses in the Bioassay Core, CardiOmics Program, and EPR spectroscopy core.

Cores and Programs Make it Easier to Conduct:

  • human subject’s research
  • animal cardiovascular physiology research
  • cellular and molecular assays
  • proteomics & glycomics
  • vascular research

Our cores and programs are inclusive

Importantly, our cores and programs are broadly open. You do not need to be a CHVR member to access our cores and programs. Many of our resources are available and applicable to other disciplines beyond heart and vascular research - so if you are interested in our resources please contact us to learn more about how we can help.

Three Components of Research Infrastructure