University of Nebraska Medical Center

Vascular Research Program

Photo of Pooneh Bagher looking through a microscope in a lab.

The mission of the Vascular Research Program is to provide opportunities, foster collaboration, and further build and expand vascular research activities within the Nebraska system with the goal of impacting vascular medicine and patient care.


  • Increase visibility of UNMC vascular research across the state, nation and globe.
  • Foster interaction and collaboration between vascular researchers across the Nebraska system.
  • Provide opportunities, scientific input, and resources to improve research productivity.
  • Vascular Research Program activities, travel awards, funding opportunities, and seminars will be publicized through the center and to the Vascular Physiology and Disease Focus Group. Attendance and participation is open to all.


Vascular Research Program Pump Priming Grant

These applications are being accepted on a rolling basis and will provide up to $2,500 in core facility vouchers for use at specified University of Nebraska Medical Center core facilities. This is a perfect opportunity for individuals collecting data for a grant application and papers.

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Vascular Research Program Travel Award

These applications are being accepted on a rolling basis and will provide up to $500 to defray the cost of registration and/or travel to national or international conferences to present vascular-related research. Applications need to be submitted a minimum of one month prior to the proposed travel, and the awardee needs to present a poster or an oral presentation to be funded.

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Preference for Awardees

Preference for awardees will be given to:

  1. Active members of the center or its focus groups.
  2. Early career researchers and trainees.
  3. Individuals demonstrating a need for the funds.
  4. Vascular-related projects or to individuals presenting at vascular-related conferences.
All interactions with the Vascular Research Program are collaborative. Please reach out to Pooneh Bagher, PhD, to set up a consultation to discuss what is possible and would help to push your research forward.


Contact Dr. Pooneh Bagher for discussions of experimental design for grant applications and publications, assistance with interpretation of vascular-related data, or if you are a vascular researcher who would like to become more involved with Vascular Research Program activities.