Research Infrastructure

Center research infrastructure provides research cores and programs that facilitate implementation of cutting-edge technologies and models to advance research productivity and impact.

Operational principles:

• Using a concierge approach, CHVR core and program directors guide investigators to appropriate resources necessary to conduct their research. Core and program directors serve as a resource to aid investigators with similar interests to maximize available resources.
• Activities in the CHVR core are designed to directly feed into other downstream cores and programs. For example, human specimens are collected and archived in a manner compatible with downstream analyses in the Bioassay Core, CardiOmics Program, and EPR spectroscopy core.

Collectively, the cores and programs make it easier to conduct:

• human subject’s research
• animal cardiovascular physiology research
• cellular and molecular assays
• proteomics & glycomics
• vascular research

The three components of the Research Infrastructure include:

CHVR Research Core
CardiOmics Program
Vascular Research Program