University of Nebraska Medical Center

Community Engagement Survey

Our faculty and staff from across colleges and campus maintain a strong commitment to the Nebraska community.

Based on results from our 2022 survey of UNMC faculty and staff:

  • 65% participate in community outreach and community service activities.
  • 32% serve on a board or advisory group for a community partner or organization outside of UNMC.
  • 23% teach, instruct or mentor students in one of UNMC’s service learning activities.
  • Service-learning partnerships are the largest community engagement activity at UNMC.

The survey results also indicate UNMC's faculty, staff and students participate in community engagement activities in diverse populations and to address critical health and societal issues that may not be reported elsewhere at this time. 

Populations served include a wide range of races, ethnicities, cultures, classes, ages and genders who live in both rural and urban communities. Engagement targets a broad range of health issues to include: obesity, housing insecurity, heart disease, diabetes, hunger or food insecurity, cancer, cystic fibrosis, heart disease, homelessness, domestic violence, oral care and mental health.

Faculty and staff reported serving the community by working with children, supporting child advocacy, supporting non-health related educational activities, working with marginalized communities and more.

For more details about the survey and results, please contact us.