News Release

UNMC opens new College of Public Health building named for visionary Nebraska couple

One of the greatest accomplishments of UNMC Chancellor Harold M. Maurer, MD, during his 12 years as chancellor was creating the College of Public Health – the first new college at UNMC since 1968.

The college fills a void in UNMC’s broad range of health programs, and more importantly, enhances health care for all Nebraskans.

Dr. Maurer and his wife, Beverly, will receive the ultimate compliment when the building that houses the College of Public Health has its official grand opening on Wednesday, May 18 at 11 a.m.

The naming of the Harold M. and Beverly Maurer Center for Public Health acknowledges the visionary couple who saw a need to improve the public’s health.

The 62,600-square-foot, three-level building cost $15 million. Principal donors Ruth and Bill Scott, longtime supporters of UNMC and the University of Nebraska, made the lead gift.

The couple decided to name the building for Dr. and Mrs. Maurer.

“Beverly and I are honored to share in this historic moment for UNMC and our state,” Chancellor Maurer said. “Public health concerns are paramount in our region, and we are grateful to Ruth and Bill Scott for their recognition and resolve to make a difference in the lives of countless Nebraskans.”

Through education, research and collaboration with health care teams and concerned citizens, public health workers seek new ways to prevent disease and improve community health.

From the air you breathe to the safety of your workplace to new ways to promote healthy choices, everything you experience involves public health.

“Our work is in the field, discovering links between populations and disease,” said Ayman El-Mohandes, M.B.B.Ch., MD, MPH, dean of UNMC’s College of Public Health. “We take a multi-disciplinary approach through research and community partnerships to develop interventions.”

The College of Public Health will address a variety of health concerns including:

Although there are 134 academic medical centers in the United States, only 27 accredited schools of public health are affiliated with academic medical centers.

Next week, UNMC’s College of Public Health will welcome members of the national accreditation committee, who will review the college’s application for accreditation. UNMC expects to learn this fall if it receives accreditation.