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Faculty and Staff and their research interests

Ward A. Chambers, MD - Professor

Health economics, payment reform effects on utilization patterns, workplace wellness strategies, patient education and utilization, home monitoring...

Kaitlyn Crosby, PhD, MHA - Assistant Professor

Value-based contracting and risk arrangements between biopharma manufacturers, payors, health systems, physicians and employers; Alternative payment models such as CINs and ACOs...

Wael ElRayes, MD, PhD, FACHE - Co-Director, Center for Global Health and Development

Healthcare and hospital management, Emergency preparedness, Health Security and Biopreparedness, and Healthcare systems development & technology...

Ronnie D. Horner, PhD - Chair, Department of Health Services Research and Administration

Healthcare practices and Policies, Nerological Disorders, Precision Healthcare Delivery

Jungyoon Kim, PhD - Assistant Professor

Health care management and organizational research, innovation adoption and implementation, long-term care organizational structure and workforce issues...

David W. Palm, PhD - Associate Professor and Director of The Center for Health Policy
The organization, financing, and delivery of public health services, public health accreditation and quality improvement, the health care and public health workforce, the integration...
Hyo Jung Tak, PhD - Assistant Professor

Health economics; health policy; health services research; health econometrics...

Dana Verhoeven, PhD - Assistant Professor

Team dynamics and multiteam systems; Models of care delivery, cancer care delivery, and care coordination; Multidisciplinary teams; Facilitators and barriers of organizational change...

Hongmei Wang, PhD - Associate Professor

Dr. Wang’s research interests focus on socioeconomic determinants of health and economic evaluation of health care programs and medical intervention strategies...

Trina White, MBA, FACHE - Assistant Professor

Leadership impact in healthcare and public health culture; health equity; emergency preparedness in healthcare and public health; aligning healthcare and public health systems...

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