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Schalisha Walker

Schalisha Walker poses for a headshot

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Schalisha Walker
Program Coordinator for Child Welfare, Nebraska Appleseed

"In my work, community engagement brings together organizations, volunteers and private citizens to enhance work that is being done to support older youth. But at its core, it is all about the relationships and connections that you are able to nurture. Without strong relationships with the community volunteers, partner organizations and most importantly the young people that I serve at my work would not be meaningful or successful.

As the Program Coordinator for the Child Welfare program at Nebraska Appleseed, I work closely with young people, families and community partners to advocate for better policies and legislation within Nebraska’s child welfare system at the state and federal levels.

Through my previous roles, I've worked directly with young people with the foster care and juvenile justice experience to ensure they had the resources and support services they need to successfully transition into adulthood.

Prior to joining Appleseed, I served as the Youth Engagement Specialist at Project Everlast Omaha for over eight years. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” is a quote that drives me to be the advocate that I am today and to always have compassion as I do this work."