University of Nebraska Medical Center

Feedyard 15 Program

The Feedyard 15 is a free safety training curriculum that is available to cattle feedyard operations. The program addresses critical safety issues commonly found in feedyard operations, including the following:

  1. Slips Trips and Falls
  2. ATVs/UTVs
  3. Feedmill Safety
  4. Mobile Equipment/Autos
  5. Tractor/Loader
  6. Cattle Handling/Stockmanship
  7. Processing Cattle
  8. Horsemanship
  9. Emergency Response
  10. Extreme Weather
  11. Chemical Hazards
  12. Machine Shop Hazards
  13. Electrical Hazards
  14. Bunker Silos/Silage Piles
  15. Manure Lagoons

If you are interested in using the program, please register online for access or you can download a registration form and email it back to us.