imHealth Research Collaborative


Integrated Digital Technology Mental Health
Research Collaborative (i-mHealth)

Integrated Digital Technology Research (i-mHealth) Collaborative focuses on mobile app research and other technological interventions to improve mental health outcomes of underrepresented patient populations.  The group is led by Dr. Maggie Emerson of UNMC College of Nursing. The group specifically focuses on research within the integrated care setting where patients can receive collaborative, interdisciplinary care within the primary care environment through the strategic consultation and team-based approach which leverages a psychiatric nurse practitioner and behavioral health provider to support care. 

Project Examples:

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Dr. Shinobu Watanabe-Galloway at

The Team

Maggie Emerson, Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, University of Nebraska Medical Center, UNMC 

Danae Dinkel, Associate Professor, School of Health & Kinesiology, University of Nebraska at Omaha

David Johnson, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, School of Medicine, Mercer University
Trey Andrews, Associate Professor, Joint appointed in the Department of Psychology and Institute for Ethnic Studies (Latinx Studies), University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Shinobu Watanabe-Galloway, Professor, Department of Epidemiology, College of Public Health, UNMC