Pediatric Cancer Epidemiology Research

Pediatric Cancer Epidemiology Research (PCER) Lab focuses on cancer care issues (e.g., symptom clusters and financial toxicity) and the roles of physical and social environment play in development and outcomes of pediatric cancer.  PCER seeks to advance scientific knowledge through inter-disciplinary and team science approach.


The Team

Shinobu Watanabe-Galloway, PhD - Dr. Watanabe-Galloway is a Professor in Department of Epidemiology.  She is also the Associate Director of Buffett Cancer Center Community Outreach and Engagement.  As the Director of PCER Lab, she promotes interdisciplinary research that integrates methods and perspectives from different disciplines including epidemiology, psychology, sociology and environmental health.
Edward S. Peters, DMD, SM, SM, ScD, FACE - Professor and Chair of Epidemiology
Don Coulter, MD - Professor, Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Khristee Napit - Current Epidemiology PhD Student
Emma Hymel - Current Epidemiology PhD Student
Josiane Kabayundo - Current Epidemiology PhD Student

Project Examples:

  • Symptom Cluster (Krishtee Napit study)
  • Financial Toxicity Affecting Pediatric Cancer Patients
  • Systematic Review of Neuroblastoma
  • SEER Cancer Registry Capstone Group