University of Nebraska Medical Center

Jessica Boren, MS

Education Program Coordinator


Photo of Jessica Boren, MS.

Jessica joined BHECN in March of 2024. Born and raised in the south region of Brazil, she moved to Lincoln in 2008 with no previous knowledge of English. Over the next few years, she was able to learn English and Spanish through immersion.

Jessica holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Global Studies, with focuses on Spanish and Psychology. She also has a master's degree from UNL in Child, Youth, and Family Studies with a focus on International Families. 

For many years, Jessica has provided services to communities in Nebraska in many ways. In the past, Jessica has been an assistant director of a non-profit organization serving the Latino community, where she oversaw and managed education classes, health and assistance programs. She has also investigated employment discrimination cases across the state of Nebraska, where she fought for equal rights. She has coached family literacy programs in Nebraska, helping schools implement the Four-Component Family Literacy Model to further support families in urban and rural parts of the state. In her last role, Jessica was the Nebraska State Director for the National Center for Families Learning, where she managed all of the organization's education projects in the state.