Why the UNMC College of Dentistry Orthodontics Clinic?

  • Superior care is provided by postgraduate students who have earned a dental degree, are receiving additional training, and work with our nationally-renowned orthodontic faculty members.
  • We offer significantly reduced fees compared to regional dental fees.
  • Our team ensures every patient has a comfortable, personalized experience.

I am so thankful for the UNMC College of Dentistry Orthodontics Clinic. The postgraduate students do a wonderful job. When my daughter needed braces, I was so impressed with the entire experience. They are focused on providing the highest quality care and I couldn’t be more happy I chose the UNMC College of Dentistry to take care of my daughter’s needs.

Denise, Lincoln

Starting Orthodontic Care

The following information covers areas of interest for most patients/parents about the process of starting orthodontic care at the college. Please feel free to ask questions.

New Patient FAQs

Who will provide my orthodontic care?

Orthodontic care is provided by postgraduate residents who have earned a dental degree and are receiving additional training in our graduate orthodontics program. Residents are overseen by faculty members who are certified orthodontists at the college or in the local area.
Residents and faculty members work together to design individualized, comprehensive orthodontic plans for each patient. Treatment is carried out by residents with faculty overseeing each appointment.

If the patient qualifies as a “less complex case,” orthodontic care will be provided by a dental student alongside a resident and faculty member.

What about time involved?

Your time is as important as ours. We will do everything possible to see you or your child on time. In return, we ask you to do the same for us.

If you must be late or need to reschedule, please call 402-472-1330.

On average, full orthodontic care takes around 2 years to complete. Missed and rescheduled appointments can set back orthodontic progress significantly. It is important to commit to approximately 1 appointment per month before beginning treatment.

When will my appointments be?

Treatment in our orthodontic clinic is supervised by a specific orthodontic faculty member during each clinic session. In order to maintain the best continuity of care for you or your child, your appointments will be scheduled during the clinic sessions when your assigned faculty member is supervising the clinic.

All, or most, of your appointments will be scheduled on the same day of the week. Please inform your resident if there are days of the week that will or will not work.

Patients under age 19

By Nebraska law, a parent or legal guardian must consent to dental care for minors under age 19 (unless independent from parents). A parent or legal guardian must accompany a minor under age 19 to provide consent to care or no care will be provided.

Getting Started - Initial Appointments

Appointment #1 – Orthodontic Screening

  • At this appointment, we will explain what can be done about any orthodontic problems we identify and when appropriate treatment should be started.
  • We also will discuss if you or your child’s orthodontic treatment will be covered by your insurance. (See Medicaid information.)
  • If it is too early for orthodontic treatment to begin, a follow-up appointment may be recommended to determine if/when orthodontic care should be started.
  • There is no fee for the screening appointment.

Appointment #2 – Records Appointment

  • At this appointment, we will gather complete orthodontic diagnostic information to prepare treatment options for orthodontic care. This may or may not include an exam, x-rays, impressions, digital scans, photos and 3D imaging.
  • If you have x-rays from other dental offices, you may have them sent to the school before this appointment at: digitalradiographs@unmc.edu
  • A fee of $400 is required to take records at this appointment.

Appointment #3 – Consultation Appointment

  • After the records appointment, we will prepare treatment options to address any orthodontic problems we diagnose.
    At the consultation appointment, we will explain the orthodontic problems we have diagnosed, possible treatment options, the time involved, costs, possible risks and potential benefits.
  • You will then be asked to select the orthodontic care you will accept for yourself or your child, including an option of no care.
  • If you have decided to finance your or your child’s treatment with a monthly payment plan, you will be required to bring a voided check to this appointment in order to set up the automatic withdrawal payments.
  • No fee is due at this appointment unless treatment is started the same day.

Ongoing Appointments

  • After treatment has been initiated, you or your child are expected to attend appointments approximately once per month.
  • All of these appointments will be scheduled on the same day of the week throughout treatment so you can be seen by the same dental care team.
Fees and Payment

The College of Dentistry Orthodontic Clinic requires payment at the beginning of your treatment. If you choose to discontinue care before treatment is complete, you will receive a refund less the cost of care received.

For patients with dental insurance, we are happy to work with your carrier to maximize your benefit and provide the documentation needed to receive reimbursement for your treatment.

Examination and Records Fees
  • Ortho Screening – No Charge
  • Standard Diagnostic Orthodontic Records – $400 (Additional diagnostic records fees may apply for patients with complex orthodontic needs. To be paid when diagnostic records are taken and oral evaluation is completed. This fee is non-refundable.)
  • Orthodontic Records Duplication – $122 (If necessary for second opinion or transfer to another office.)
  • Comprehensive Case Orthodontic Treatment Fee – $3,599*
  • Less Complex Case Orthodontic Treatment Fee – $2,599*

*Records fee not included in treatment fee.


All payments are due on the day that braces or appliances are delivered.

1.) Full Payment with Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and CareCredit
Patients who do not have orthodontic insurance coverage AND pay in full the day treatment begins will receive a $200 discount for interceptive treatment and a $250 discount for comprehensive treatment.

2.) Monthly Payment Options
20 months, no interest.
$400 down payment.
Not offered to patients with private orthodontic insurance coverage.

3.) Private Insurance
The College of Dentistry is in-network with Ameritas and Blue Cross Blue Shield. For all other insurances, full payment is required at start of treatment and will be submitted for reimbursement.

Fees are subject to change annually (normally on July 1). The actual fee charged will be the fee in effect when the treatment plan is accepted.

The University of Nebraska Medical Center charges $35.00 for returned checks.

Failure to meet your financial obligations may result in immediate payment in full with no discount and may disrupt on-going treatment.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help you get the dentistry you want or need.


Medicaid Eligibility

MCNA is the Medicaid dental plan for the state of Nebraska. Orthodontic treatment is available for MCNA eligible children under the age of 21.

The UNMC Orthodontic Clinic works closely with MCNA and follows a very specific set of guidelines published by MCNA to see if you will qualify for orthodontic coverage.

Steps to See if Your Child is Eligible for Orthodontic Coverage:

Screening Appointment

  • You are responsible for ensuring your eligibility with MCNA at the time of your screening and records appointments.
  • At this appointment, the orthodontic resident screening your child will be provide you with feedback on whether or not they believe your child will qualify for orthodontic coverage.

Records Appointment

  • If your resident decides that your child may qualify, the College of Dentistry will need to gather photos and x-rays to submit to your insurance.
  • There is no guarantee that your child will qualify for coverage until records have been submitted to MCNA.
  • After records have been submitted, you will receive a call approximately within
    2 weeks with a report of whether or not MCNA will cover treatment.
  • *If your child does not qualify for treatment, you will be responsible for the records fee of $400.*


  • If MCNA approves your child for orthodontic coverage, treatment will begin as normal, with no payment required.
  • If your child does not qualify for treatment, you may opt to pay out of pocket for their orthodontic care.
Emergency Care

We are committed to keeping patients comfortable during and after treatment. Emergency care is available after hours by calling 402-472-1333. 

UNMC College of Dentistry
Orthodontics Clinic

4000 East Campus Loop South
Lincoln, NE 68583-0740

Phone Numbers

Information and Appointments

After-Hours Emergency Care


Insurance and Medicaid
402-472-1335 or 402-472-9623

Clinic Hours 

8:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.

Rescheduling Appointments

If you must be late or need to change an appointment, please call 402-472-1330.

Missed appointments could result in being asked to withdraw as a patient.