Contributor: Dr. Nehring

This 61-year-old Caucasian male presents for implant consultation at the site of tooth #4. The patient was unaware of the lesion.

History of the lesion:

  • Duration is unknown.
  • Oral examination: Non-tender, mobile, firm, whitish / yellowish, submucosal nodule of the right labial mucosa apical to # 6-8 measuring 1.0 x 1.0 x 0.7 cm.
  • Periapical radiograph of the area was wnl.
  • All teeth tested vital.
Differential diagnoses should include (choose 2):

Next course of action:

Histology of the lesion is as shown. Your diagnosis is:

nnaHsU bJnJ GY UN TxTb hxZ kkQ