Healing Arts

Welcome to the Healing Arts collection at Munroe-Meyer Institute

The Munroe-Meyer Institute (MMI) is a place for healing – not only physically, but also emotionally – for our patients, clients and families. In the institute's holistic approach to healing, the importance of art is not underestimated.

Art helps everyone who enters our doors as they strive to reach their full potential. It lifts spirits and creates feelings of wonder and joy.

Our new facility was created with this in mind and the artwork within is no different. Each piece was created and chosen so purposefully and carefully to achieve a sense of welcome and comfort, inclusion and belonging. These artworks remind our patients, families, visitors and providers alike that we all share a common set of values, and art is a way to come together to celebrate humanity.

Let your spirit soar with us!

Healing Arts featured at the Munroe-Meyer Institute.

View a booklet to learn more about Healing Arts located at MMI. Explore a few of those pieces, below.

Kinetic Sculptures by Anthony Howe

Washington-based artist Anthony Howe has mesmerized viewers for nearly a decade with towering kinetic sculptures that twist and turn with hypnotic motion. Weighing hundreds of pounds, the hefty artworks are activated with even the slightest breeze and resemble otherworldly organisms, four-legged creatures and mechanisms as they coil in the wind. Characterized by an aesthetic of harmonious moving shapes and an unparalleled elegance of line, these works seem to come alive when the wind rises. Elements flutter, whirl and twirl in mesmerizing movements that highlight Howe's expert ability to convey effortless motion through meticulous engineering and crafting. Because his sculptures move with such fluidity, they appear to float in the wind. 

Soar (2017) is a wind-powered kinetic sculpture that is located outside on the southeast corner of the Munroe-Meyer Institute. SOAR was made possible through a generous gift honoring Ruth Scott, a principal donor for the MMI replacement building.

red video camera icon  Watch SOAR in motion

SOAR kinetic wind sculpture (AZLON, artist Anthony Howe) at the UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute, backlit against sun and blue sky filled with cirrus clouds; photo credit: Karoly Mirnics PhD MD

Waterfall (2018) is a wind-powered kinetic sculpture located outside the main entrance of the Munroe-Meyer Institute. Waterfall was made possible through a generous gift from Bob and Myrna Krohn, longtime friends and supporters of the Institute.

red video camera icon  Watch Waterfall in motion

Waterfall kinetic sculpture at the main entrance of UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute; artist Anthony Howe

A Place Where Everyone Belongs (2020) by Lisa Worrall

This 4' x 4' custom creation by local artist Lisa Worrall was a gift in 2021 from the Munroe-Meyer Guild and is displayed in the Recreational Therapy Department, inside the south entrance on level one.

The frame of the hand-crafted shadowbox was hand painted with a whimsical and colorful design that demonstrates Worrall's love of color, contrast and texture. The portraits in this work were created from photographs of individuals from MMI and students from Worrall's teaching career. It also features flowers created by MMI recreational therapy clients at workshops with Worrall. 'A place where everyone belongs!' a central message within MMI, is part of the design. 

Lisa Worrall "MMI is a Place Where Everyone Belongs" artwork; 2021