Building Features

Munroe-Meyer Institute aerial view; 2021 Credit Architectural Photography by Brad Anderson

Building features

The building is more than double the size of MMI’s former home, providing critical room for growth of existing programs and the development of innovative new ones, ample parking, entrances and a floor plan designed to accommodate the needs of the individuals MMI serves.

“With this new building, MMI is positioned as never before to support the intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) community as it strives for awareness, acceptance and opportunity,” MMI Director Karoly Mirnics, MD, PhD said. “This building will fuel a palpable change in the IDD community and in the wider community as well as we work together toward those goals.”

Services and programs transitioned from the building on the UNMC campus to the new location in March and April of 2021.

About the building

Designers and contractors used careful design choices to enhance the MMI experience for families served and create a more inclusive experience.

The new features include, but are not limited to: