Quick Facts

Munroe-Meyer Institute statewide clinics and services
  • 1919 – The Society for the Relief of the Disabled met for the first time. This is today’s MMI Board of Directors.
  • 1922 – Summer – Society for the Relief of the Disabled held a day camp for 24 individuals.
  • Sept. 1, 1922 – John Munroe provided the first permanent facility when he donated the house, which was called the Hattie B. Munroe Home for Convalescing Crippled Children, in his wife’s memory.
  • 1997 - The Meyer Rehabilitation Institute (MRI) and the Hattie B. Munroe Pavilion became the Munroe-Meyer Institute (MMI) for Genetics & Rehabilitation.
  • 2009 - MMI became an academic unit of UNMC.

For more information about the history of MMI, go to our History section.

Clinical services  
  • More than 70,000 yearly services (75 percent take place in the community).
  • More than 40 provider locations across the state (more than 30 outside Omaha).
  • More than 50 types of services provided:
    • Academic and educational interventions
    • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
    • Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)
    • Autism Care for Toddlers Clinic
    • Behavioral health services
    • Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) treatment
    • Community education
    • Developmental medicine
    • Early intervention
    • Family resources
    • Feeding and swallowing services
    • Genetics evaluation
    • Genetic counseling
    • Genetic testing
    • Motion analysis
    • Neonatal intensive care follow-up
    • Occupational therapy
    • Physical therapy
    • Recreational therapy
    • Rehabilitation services
    • Severe behavior services
    • Social skills services
    • Speech language pathology
Education and research activities  
  • Involved in education of medical students, residents, fellows, interns, allied health professionals, Ph.D. and M.S. students, college and high school students.
  • More than 8,500 participants in workshops, conferences, teleconferences and other community education activities.
  • 87 long-term trainees (doctoral, masters, interns) in 2016.
  • Interdisciplinary training in 2016: 172 students, interns, residents and post-doctoral fellows for a total of 118,136 hours.
  • More than 3,600 long-term students received training at MMI in the past 17 years.
  • Students from more than 40 universities and colleges nationwide annually.
  • More than 100 classes and seminars taught by our staff and faculty annually.
  • Approximately 40 faculty involved in basic, clinical and translational research activities.
  • More than 150 clinical and research fellows trained in the past 15 years.
  • More than $4 million in research funding annually.
  • Approximately 40 faculty involved in basic, clinical and translational research activities.
Community and outreach activities  
  • Annually, more than 100 technical assistance services (1,765 hours) to community partners in LEND and UCCED alone.
  • Approximately 50 community training activities (1,492 participants/192 hours) in LEND and UCCED annually.
Contact us  

Karoly Mirnics, M.D., Ph.D. – Director of MMI, 402-559-5702

Wayne A. Stuberg, PT, Ph.D., PCS, FAPTA - Associate Director of MMI and Director of Clinical Affairs, 402-559-5720

For general inquires or feedback, please email MMI.