University of Nebraska Medical Center

Robin Lally, PhD, MS, BA, RN, AOCN, FAAN

Director, Center for Patient, Family & Community Engagement in Chronic Care Management Bertha L. Pankratz Professorship in Nursing
Professor, UNMC College of Nursing


Robin Lally, PhD, MS, BA, RN, AOCN, FAAN
Dr. Lally joined the UNMC College of Nursing in the fall of 2016 after 10 years at the University at Buffalo School of Nursing in Buffalo, NY. She received a bachelor of arts in human physiology, a bachelor of science in nursing, and a masters and PhD in nursing with a specialty in oncology all from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Dr. Lally’s background includes ICU nursing in the Mayo hospitals, Rochester, MN, clinical trials nursing, and two decades of oncology nursing, specializing in breast cancer and psycho-oncology concepts and development of an Internet-based clinical intervention to support the psychosocial wellbeing of women with breast cancer and their families. Dr. Lally also holds a minor in biomedical ethics and earned a certificate in applied cognitive behavioral therapy and related supportive oncology.
  • 1987, BA, University of Minnesota
  • 1991, BSN, University of Minnesota
  • 1999, MSN, University of Minnesota
  • 2006, PhD, University of Minnesota
Research Interests
  • Psychological adjustment of people newly diagnosed and surviving cancer
  • Reducing Distress and Depressive-symptoms
  • Internet-based Psychoeducation to Promote Initial Breast Cancer Adjustment
  • Increasing our understanding of the immediate post-breast cancer diagnosis experience of women
Grant Support
  • July 2023-June 2024 Title: IntegRating EHeAlth and Lay navigation to OptImiZe TrEatment Initiation and Adherence (REALIZE) among Black Women with Breast Cancer: A Pilot Implementation Feasibility Study, Award Amount: $49,892, Role: Lally, R (P.I.)
  • August 2021-July 2024 Title: Impact of an mHealth Augmented Coaching Program for Self-Management in Patients with and Survivors of Cancer, Award Amount: $48,128, Role: Lally, R. (P.I.)
  • Lally, R.M. & Brooks, C. (Dec 2016; Epub ahead of print 7-14-15). Psychoeducational interventions for supporters of women with breast cancer: An integrative review. Journal of Cancer Education 4,626 - 632. PMID: 26166444 DOI: 10.1007/s13187-015-0883-3 +
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  • 3/2017 & 3/2016 Nominated to ballot for election to Nomination Committee Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science (CANS).
  • Selected for Society of Behavioral Medicine Leadership Institute (2017).
  • Selected for Applied Cognitive Behavioral & Related Interventions in Cancer Supportive Care certificate program.
  • Oncology Nursing Society Foundation Core Grant Reviewer (2016-present).
  • Selected for NCI Sponsored Massachusetts General Hospital Supportive Oncology Workshop (2015).
  • Elected Oncology Nursing Society Coordinator Advanced Nursing Research Special Interest Group (2013-14, coord.-elect; 2014-16, coordinator).
  • Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (2012).
  • Designated Trainee Western New York Cancer Coalition (WNYC2) Center to Reduce Disparities U54 NCI grant Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo NY (2010-2013).
  • Selected Attendee Pittsburgh Mind Body Center Summer Institute (NIH sponsored) University of Pittsburgh/Carnegie Mellon (2010-2013).
  • Multiple leadership positions on panels, advisory groups, and editorial boards within the Oncology Nursing Society (2005 - 2014).
  • 3/2017 Accepted Fellow – Society of Behavioral Medicine Leadership Institute (competitive) Society of Behavioral Medicine.
  • Cancer Nursing: An International Journal for Cancer Care Annual Research Award (for outstanding research article - first author) Cancer Nursing: An International Journal for Cancer Care
  • Excellence in Research Award University at Buffalo School of Nursing (2012).