Niedfelt Center

The UNMC College of Nursing is committed to its research mission to create and maintain a culture that supports faculty to reach their full potential to transform lives through discovery of new knowledge and implementation of the highest quality research evidence.

The Niedfelt Nursing Research Center (NNRC) provides support for faculty and student research efforts toward that goal. The NNRC was established in 1969 as the Nursing Research Center and was one of the first non-federally supported nursing research centers in the nation. In 1988 it was formally renamed the NNRC to honor Florence Niedfelt’s memory and significant donation to the College of Nursing. Mrs. Niedfelt stipulated that a portion of the bequest was to go towards furthering the education of nursing students.

The NNRC team actively supports the vision to increase our national prominence as a research health sciences center. This is accomplished by pursuing four objectives:

The NNRC is located in the state-of-the-art Center for Nursing Science building and provides resources to faculty on measurement, research methods, and statistics during grant preparation. The NNRC assists in planning and developing grants and grant budgets. Grant support also includes both formative and summative reviews of specific aims and applications through monthly Research Roundtables and scheduled mock reviews as well as administrative support. Grant editing and other support services are also available in collaboration with the Vice Chancellor for Research Office, the Center for Collaboration on Research, Design, and Analysis (CCORDA) in the College of Public Health, and the IDeA Clinical and Translational Research Center  (fees may apply for some services).