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Community & Outreach

Engaged Community Partner Across Nebraska

Executive leadership and division personnel from all five locations meet with representatives from respective community partners such as regional schools, healthcare centers and other agencies to establish relationships and develop educational planning goals to better serve our students as well as the clinical sites. Students and faculty also enjoy participating at community events, often providing free health checks or other health related services.

The UNMC College of Nursing has many established clinical sites that vary in size and offerings in order to meet the specific needs of individuals. We believe being a visible presence in the communities in which we serve benefits not only the residents and institutions of an area but also our students, faculty and staff.

Nursing researchers pursue efforts across the state within their health care specialties. These research initiatives often includes local community involvement in order to improve health care for residents in rural and underserved areas.

Service to all Nebraskans

Wide range of research and service through students, faculty and staff


undergraduate nursing student serving in communities across Nebraska - Fall 2023


advanced faculty practice sites across the state


active research grants studying health care in Nebraska

Outreach Across Nebraska