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Office of Global Health

The Office of Global Health allows students and faculty to gain understanding through experiences.

Partnerships with universities throughout the world allow students to become global citizens, observe similarities and differences in nursing roles and engage in culture while studying different health care systems, classrooms and theories. Students can gain an appreciation for cultures other than the majority, to better serve and understand different populations at home and abroad.

UNMC College of Nursing is committed to providing premier nursing education programs for all students. Part of this commitment is the integration of global health practice and research throughout the nursing curriculum.

Expanding horizon of nursing education

Nursing students have opportunities to study abroad at participating universities.

“I’m going to remember the amazing people that welcomed us into the culture and their country, especially our time spent with the nursing students. Everyone we came into contact with was so kind and polite, off the campus as well, and that made the experience so enjoyable."



Global Health Happenings


International Student Visit Fall 2024 - Hamamatsu University, Japan:

Four nursing students and one faculty member from Japan will visit the UNMC College of Nursing in Omaha from September 30 to October 4, 2024. They have a number of activities planned, but we would like to engage with any interested students, faculty, and staff during the week of their visit. If you are interested in helping with the visit, please complete the survey below and we'll keep in touch as the preparations continue to evolve. Any specific questions can be emailed to Dr. Beam at ebeam@unmc.edu.

Link to form: https://forms.office.com/r/XeKc1JQSvh



Climate and Environmental Impacts on Human Health

Jesse E. Bell, PhD

See the March 26, 2024 Talk here.

Global Opportunities

The College of Nursing Office of Global Health Programs allows students the opportunity to participate in international experiences, delve into another culture’s health system and expand their understanding of being a global citizen. Students can gain an appreciation for other cultures to better serve and understand different populations.
College of Nursing faculty engage in research and scholarship around the world and aim to create lasting change in the care for all people around the globe. The College of Nursing focuses on global partnerships which promote nursing leadership and advance professional standards for nursing worldwide.
International Admissions
International students are encouraged to apply for the programs offered by the College of Nursing. For additional information or guidance on admissions, please contact Director of Global Health Elizabeth Beam at ebeam@unmc.edu or the Office of Global Engagement.