University of Nebraska Medical Center

Sue Schuelke, PhD, RN-BC, CNE, CCRN-K

Associate Professor, UNMC College of Nursing


Sue Schuelke, PhD, RN-BC, CNE, CCRN-K
Dr. Sue Schuelke is a passionate educator and researcher with a focus on the development of clinical judgment utilizing the most engaging learning experience possible, with a special interest in how to leverage technology to improve education and patient outcomes focusing on cardiopulmonary patients. Dr. Schuelke has created innovative education including e-learning, classroom facilitation, coaching, and utilizing technology to enhance delivery. Dr. Schuelke's clinical interests and experience include Critical Care and Cardiopulmonary Rehab nursing. She holds multiple certifications: Certified Nurse Educator (CNE), Professional Nurse Development (NPD-BC) and Critical Care Nursing (CCRN-K). She is a member of the Interprofessional Academy of Educators. Dr. Schuelke embraces the challenge of technology and simulation and feels the best simulation is the most realistic and have begun to focus on Immersive Virtual Reality.
  • 1983, BSN, UNMC
  • 1988, MSN, UNMC
  • 2016, PhD, UNMC
Research Interests
  • Immersive Virtual Reality
  • Ag Safety
  • Self-management of cardiopulmonary patients
  • Secondary risk factor management
Grant Support
  • January 2023-January 2024 Title: Cardiothoracic post operative pain management intervention using Immersive Virtual Reality, Award Amount: $34,912, Role: Schuelke, S. (P.I.)
  • August 2023-July 2024 Title: Magic School Bus: Dive into the Heart, Award Amount: $15,000, Role: Schuelke, S. (P.I.)
  • July 2020-January 2022 Title: Agricultural Safety and Health Curriculum: Preparing the next generation of rural nurses, Source:Funded by Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health (CS-CASH) Pilot/Feasibility Projects Program, Award Amount: $20,000, Role: S. Schuelke and M. Ellermeier (P.I.)
  • August 2020–February 2022 Title: Immersive Virtual Reality for COVID Primary Care Nursing, Source: Funded by the American Academy of Colleges of Nursing Faculty Scholars Grant Program, Award Amount: $20,000, B. Culross, Role: S. Schuelke (P.I.)
  • October 2020 Title: Handoff to Home: Guidance for Patients with Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease after Hospitalization, Source: College of Nursing’s Seed Research Award, Award Amount: $10,000, Dr. Barnason (P.I.)
  • January 2021-January 2022 Title: Comparing High-Fidelity Simulation with Immersive Virtual Reality Simulation for Student Engagement, Competence and Clinical Judgment, Source: Funded by the Interprofessional Academy of Educators, 2022, Award Amount: $2,060, S. Schuelke, J. Nieveen, B. Culross, and K. Davis.(P.I.s)
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  • Schuelke, S., Aurit, S., Connot, N., & Denney, S. (2020). The Effect of Virtual Nursing and Missed Nursing Cares. Journal of Nursing Administration Quarterly, 44(3) 280-287.
  • 2021 UNMC College of Nursing, The Deans Teaching Excellence Award
  • 2021 UNMC College of Nursing, Donna Westmoreland Excellence in Faculty Mentoring
  • 2020 UNMC, Interprofessional Academy of Educators
  • 2020 National League of Nursing, Leadership Development Program for Simulation Educators
  • 2019 American Association of Colleges of Nursing, Selected to attend 2019 Digital Innovation Bootcamp sponsored by Apple