Copyright Laws Apply to Us All!!

Copyright violation at UNMC often occurs because of a misunderstanding of the "fair use" doctrine. To copy or reproduce another author's work for educational purposes does not constitute "fair use" under present copyright laws. This law applies to whomever makes the copies, whether it be you or Printing Services. Civil and criminal penalties may be and have been imposed for copyright infringement.

Printing & Mail Services at UNMC is your connection to obtaining permission for the use of copyrighted works. As a member of Copyright Clearance Center, Inc., Printing Services may obtain permission and royalty fee information to duplicate academic coursepacks or classroom handouts that have a copyright.
Response time for these requests may be instantaneous through CCC Online; however, not all authorizations can go online. A manual request will need to be processed if the author is not registered online. The response time for most manual requests is 48 hours. It is important to remember that if you need something copied that requires copyright clearance, you need to plan ahead to allow for the response times.
Printing Services can provide whatever assistance you need when seeking copyright permission.
One thing is certain. . . when in doubt, request permission!

For additional information on copyright visit these web sites.