About Us

Reaching New Levels of Excellence

Founded in 1869 and chartered as the state’s first medical college in 1881, we became part of the University of Nebraska in 1902. Today, our education programs train more health professionals than any other institution in the state.

Our scientists and clinicians are at the leading edge of discovering new medical breakthroughs, transforming lives across the state and around the world.

UNMC By the Numbers

UNMC has six colleges, two institutes and a graduate studies program, serving more than 4,400 students in about 90 programs.

Nearly 50

academic departments committed to training the best and brightest

$169.7 million

in annual research grants



Meet the Interim Chancellor

Interim Chancellor H. Dele Davies, MD, is a renowned academic leader, researcher, professor and pediatrician who is dedicated to transforming health science education and driving positive change within the community and beyond.

Interim Chancellor H. Dele Davies, MD

Additional Resources

The work done at UNMC often becomes a global model for strong, healthy communities.

Access and Campus Culture

UNMC is creating a welcoming environment for everyone — students, faculty and staff, patients and visitors. Everyone who steps foot on campus is valued, respected and connected.

Sheritta Strong, MD

Community Engagement

UNMC extends its health care experts to the community through pediatric behavioral health clinics, science cafes, cancer screenings, distance education and more.

Our Campuses

Each of our five campuses offers a strong campus culture where all feel welcomed.