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The University of Nebraska Medical Center's Omaha campus spans an area generally from 40th Street to Saddle Creek Road, and from Dodge Street to Leavenworth.

There is a specific mailing address for each campus department. To obtain a specific mailing address, contact the department directly, or call UNMC Mail Services at 402-559-5315.

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If you are seeking patient care information, please contact our primary clinical partner, Nebraska Medicine.

Our Addresses

University of Nebraska Medical Center
42nd and Emile Streets
Omaha, NE 68198

Nebraska Medicine
42nd Street and Dewey Avenue
Omaha, NE 68198
Physician referrals and class registrations:
Switchboard: 402-552-2000
Patient Relations: 402-559-8158

Key Offices

Academic Affairs 402-559-5130
Academic Records and Transcripts 402-559-4199
Alumni Association 402-559-4385
Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center 402-559-5600
Cancer HelpLink 402-559-9999 or (800) 999-LINK (5465)
Human Resources See HR Directory  
iEXCEL 402-559-2442
Information Technology 402-559-7700
Mobile Nursing Center 402-559-6616
Organ Recovery Services 402-559-9566
Public Safety 402-559-4439
Ronald McDonald House 402-346-9377 
Rural Health Initiatives 402-559-2921
Strategic Communications 402-559-4353
Student Financial Aid  402-559-4199
Student Success 402-559-4199
University of Nebraska Foundation 402-502-0300