Funding Opportunities

Rapid Response Opportunities

Rapid response opportunities have an internal deadline under 60 days.

2015 NRI Faculty Research Proposals  
Internal Deadline:  October 31, 2014

NRI is an investment by the State of Nebraska designed to build the research capacity within the University of Nebraska consistent with the interests of existing and potential growth areas of business and industry, agriculture, social services, and health care, and to encourage economic growth through specifically targeted research programs.

The purpose of this request for faculty research proposals is to encourage economic growth through specifically targeted research programs.

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2015 Nebraska Biobank RFA  
Eligibility:  All University of Nebraska faculty.
Submission requirement:  Nebraska Biobank Application 
Submission receipt date: From now until 12/31/14. 

Background:  The Nebraska Biobank is a new University of Nebraska resource funded, in part, by the Nebraska Research Initiative and developed by University of Nebraska Medical Center with The Nebraska Medical Center.  The biobank samples are de-identified (and thus IRB approval is not required for their use) but linked to data abstracted to health data including age, sex, race/ethnicity, smoking status, estimated geographic location, medications, diagnoses, and laboratory data.  DNA and serum is available from samples that were kept at 4oC for 48 hours prior to storage at -80oC.

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DoD Funding Opportunities  
This booklet of Department of Defense sponsored opportunities are provided as a quick reference for researchers. DoD opportunities should always be considered as rapid response with very short timelines between the call for proposals and the closing date.  Contact Dr. Paula Turpen (402-559-6162) in the Office of Research for questions regarding working with the Department of Defense.

Catalog of DoD Funding Opportunities