Mike Rosenthal, PT, DSc, ATC

Associate Professor

Department of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences
Physical Therapy Program

984420 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-4420

Academic Appointments:
Associate Professor, Physical Therapy Program, UNMC: 2021-Present

Assistant Professor, School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences, Doctor of Physical Therapy program, San Diego State University: 2016-2020

Associate Professor, Post-professional Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy Program, Rocky Mountain University of the Health Professions: 2005-2013

DSc: U.S. Military-Baylor University 2003
MPT: U.S. Army-Baylor University, 1993
BS: Natural Sciences, Doane College, 1991

Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist (SCS): American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties, 1999-present

Board Certified Electrophysiological Clinical Specialist (ECS): American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties, 2002-present

Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), National Athletic Trainers’ Association, 1997-present

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), National Strength and Conditioning Association, 1995-present

Primary Teaching Responsibilities:
PHYT 509: Human Movement 3 (course coordinator)
PHYT 720: Differential Screening (course coordinator)
PHYT 606: Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy II

Scholarly Activity:
Research interests: blood flow restriction exercise, human performance optimization, and healthcare delivery and outcomes in the management musculoskeletal injuries

Publications: (last 5 years)
Rosenthal MD, Rauh MJ, Cowan JE. Prospective Assessment of Clinical Tests Used to Evaluate Tibial Stress Fracture. Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine. 2022;10(9). doi:10.1177/23259671221122356

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Post EG, Pennock AT, Rosenthal MD, Rauh MJ. Prevalence and Consequences of Sport Specialization Among Little League Baseball Players. Sports Health. (accepted)

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Halfpap JP, Cho AA, Rosenthal MD. Cervical fracture with vertebral artery dissection, Journal of Orthopaedics and Sports Physical Therapy, 46(10):929, 2016.


Clinical Experience:
Outpatient orthopedics and sports rehabilitation
Injury prevention
Clinical electrophysiology (EMG/NCS)