Current Students

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Student Involvement

CAHP Student Ambassador Groups

Student Recruitment Ambassadors
Student Recruitment Ambassadors will interact with prospective students interested in varying CAHP programs. This group of students should have great communication skills and the ability to interact with potential students and their families. The Student Recruitment Ambassadors should be familiar with the UNMC campus, and CAHP programs (in general). This group will be required to attend a training session. The members of this group must be willing to participate in at least 2 events each semester.

Student Wellness Ambassadors YogaStudent Wellness Ambassadors
The Student Wellness Ambassadors will decide what types of activities they wish to promote and how often. For example, the group could host one event each month, a different type of event once per week – or a large event once per semester (fun run?). Students will determine date/time for each event and promote to CAHP students. The Student Wellness Ambassador group will select members to “staff” or “host” the events. Student members of the group are also responsible for organizing and promoting the events. Some events may be recorded or live via zoom for those who wish to participate but are not able to attend in person.

Student Engagement Ambassadors
The Student Engagement Ambassadors will determine the types of activities for CAHP to be involved in and how many per semester. The student members will be responsible for organizing and promoting the volunteer activity and for securing enough volunteers for the event. They may need to create sign-up sheets and send reminders.

Class Officers
Class officers are elected or appointed in their respective CAHP programs each year. Information about these and other opportunities can be found in the UNMC Handbook.

New Student Orientation
The purpose of Orientation is to provide you with a clear introduction to life at UNMC’s College of Allied Health Professions. The central focus is to facilitate your transition into professional education within the context of the College of Allied Health Professions and your particular department. New students will also participate in our online orientation program, which contains all pre-enrollment requirements to complete such as: background check, immunizations, surveys, program specific forms, registration instructions, and course lists.

Professionalism Ceremony
The Professionalism Ceremony is a rite of passage for students in the College of Allied Health Professions to begin their professional program or clinical encounters with patients. The ceremony focuses on professionalism, encompassing the concepts of ethical behavior, compassionate care, and service to others.

Evidence-Based Healthcare Forum
Each spring the College of Allied Health Professions sponsors an Evidence-Based Healthcare Forum. This interprofessional event is intended as an opportunity for students and faculty in all eleven CAHP programs to share scholarly activity that supports evidence-based clinical practice. In conjunction with the forum, we honor faculty award recipients for Significance in Research, Excellence in Teaching, Excellence in Clinical Teaching, Innovative Scholarship, and Outstanding Service to the Allied Health Professions.

Handshake at UNMC
Handshake is the place for UNMC students to engage with employers and search/apply for internships, research opportunities, part/full time jobs, work study and campus employment. Handshake offers a larger national network of employers, job and internship listings, and a personalized experience for employers and students to connect.

Many of our students engage in the rich cultures of Omaha, volunteering in student-run clinics and community services that assist underserved populations in the city.

Student Senate
The Medical Center Student Senate (MCSS) exists for the purpose of influencing University policy and promoting the interests of all students attending the Medical Center.

Convocation is a celebration of the successful completion of a professional program in UNMC's College of Allied Health Professions. Commencement is the actual graduation ceremony, usually held the following day.

Center for Health Living
The Center for Healthy Living is a multi-purpose facility that offers fitness, leisure, recreation, and wellness opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and their families.

UNMC Ice Rink
Enjoy winter activities at the campus ice rink located between 42nd and 40th streets and Dewey and Emile streets.