University of Nebraska Medical Center

Our College Mission and Purpose


The mission of the College of Allied Health Professions is to advance health by:

  • Delivering allied health educational programs that prepare graduates to provide high quality, evidence-based, safe care for all patients;
  • Conducting scholarly activities that create and disseminate knowledge reflective of the unique contributions of allied health theory and practice;
  • Providing high quality, contemporary clinical care in the allied health disciplines; and
  • Serving communities and strategic partnerships by listening to their unique needs to promote health and healthcare, reduce the burden of illness, work toward health equity for all citizens, and prepare and provide the allied health workforce necessary to achieve these outcomes.


The purpose of the College of Allied Health Professions is:

  1. to provide the educational programs needed to prepare allied health professionals to serve as members of the health care delivery system;
  2. to provide selected continuing education programs for practicing allied health professionals;
  3. to provide opportunities for the faculty to further the body of knowledge within their disciplines through research and creative activity;
  4. to provide consultant services and leadership to groups and organizations concerned with the delivery of health care;
  5. to provide services as appropriate to patients and to the public so that the health of the populace may be improved and maintained.