Ka-Chun (Joseph) Siu, PhD

Associate Professor &
Global Director, Chinese MS-DPT Program

Division of Physical Therapy Education
University of Nebraska Medical Center
984420 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-4420

Academic Appointments
Associate Professor, Physical Therapy Education, College of Allied Health Professions, UNMC: 2015-present
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Health Promotion, Social & Behavioral Health, UNMC: 2015-present
Coordinator, SSUHSI MS-DPT Program, School of Allied Health Professions, UNMC 2012-present
Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy Education, School of Allied Health Professions, UNMC: 2012-2015
Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental, Agricultural, and Occupational Health, UNMC: 2009-2012
Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, UNO: 2009-present
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, UNMC: 2009-present
Faculty Member, Center for Advanced Surgical Technology, UNMC: 2009-present
Instructor, School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, UNO: 2007-2009
Graduate Research Fellows, Institute of Neuroscience, University of Oregon: 2005-2006
Instructor, Department of Human Physiology, University of Oregon: 2003-2005

Post-Doc: Biomechanics, UNO, 2006-2009
PhD: Human Physiology, University of Oregon, 2006
BS: Physical Therapy, Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan, 1999

Primary Teaching Responsibilities
PHYT 726, Instructional Development in Health Professions
PHYT 740, Critical Inquiry II
PHYT 942, Special Topic

Scholarly Activity
My primary research area is in both motor control and biomechanics, focusing on elderly population and minorities. It includes fall prevention in aging, rehabilitation, and intervention. I am interested in studying the mechanism of human balance control, locomotion and developed training program for community-dwelling older adults, and currently extending this research in minority populations. My second research area is focusing on motor learning in human performance. It includes skill acquisition, medical education, simulation technology and telemedicine.

Selected Publications related to Motor Control (last 5 years):

Venema DM, Hansen H, High R, Goetsch T, Siu KC. Minimal Detectable Change in Dual-Task Cost for Older Adults With and Without Cognitive Impairment. J Geriatr Phys Ther. 2018 Jun 1. doi: 10.1519/JPT.0000000000000194. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 29864048.

Chien JH, Post J, Siu KC. Effects of Aging on the Obstacle Negotiation Strategy while Stepping over Multiple Obstacles. Scientific Reports 8:8576, 2018. doi:10.1038/s41598-018-26807-5

Chien JH, Mukherjee M, Siu KC, Stergiou N. Locomotor sensory organization test: How sensory conflict affects the temporal structure of sway variability during gait. Annals of Biomedical Engineering. 2016; 44(5): 1625-35.

Xi L, Siu KC, Fu SN, Hui-Chan CWY, Tsang WWN. Effects of Tai Chi training on postural control and selective attention while dual-tasking - A randomized clinical trial. Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine. 2016; 13(2): 181-7.

Huang CK, Boman A, White A, Oleynikov D, Siu KC. Effects of Hand Dominance and Postural Selection on Muscle Activities of Virtual Laparoscopic Surgical Training Tasks. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics. 2016; 220: 142-145.

White A, Huang CK, Oleynikov D, Siu KC. Investigating the Influence of Hand Dominance on Postural Sway during Traditional and Simulated Laparoscopic Surgical Skills Practice. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics. 2016; 220: 450-453.

Siu KC
, Huang CK, Beacom M, Bista S, Rautiainen R. The Impact of Sleep Loss on Balance Stability in Farmers. Journal of Agromedicine. 2015; 20: 327-331.

Siu KC, Rajaram SS, Padilla C. Impact of Psychosocial Factors on Functional Improvement in Latino Elderly after Tai Chi Exercise. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. 2015; 23(1): 120-127.

Xi L, Siu KC, Fu SN, Hui-Chan CWY, Tsang WWN. Tai Chi Practitioners have better cognitive and postural control performance in a stepping down activity with and without an auditory response task. European Journal of Applied Physiology 2013; 113(8): 1939-45.

Venema DM, Bartels E, Siu KC. Tasks Matter: A Cross-Sectional Study of the Relationship of Cognition and Dual Task Performance in Older Adults. Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy 2013; 36(3): 115-122.

Hawkes TD, Siu KC, Silsupadol P, Woollacott MH. Why do Older Adults Fall when Walking and Performing a Secondary Task? Examination of Attentional Switching Abilities. Gait and Posture 2012; 35: 159-163.

Siu KC, Chou LS, Mayr U, van Donkelaar P, Woollacott MH. Attentional Mechanisms Contributing to Balance Constraints during Gait: The Effects of Balance Impairments. Brain Research 2009; 1248: 59-67.

Selected Publications related to Motor Learning (last 5 years):
Siu KC, Best, BJ, Kim JW, Oleynikov D, Ritter FE. Adaptive Virtual Reality Training to Optimize Military Medical Skills Acquisition and Retention. Military Medicine. 2016; 181 (5S): 214-20.

Suh IH, LaGrange CA, Oleynikov D, Siu KC. Evaluating Robotic Surgical Skills Performance under Distractive Environment using Objective and Subjective Measures. Surgical Innovation. 2016; 23(1): 78-89.  

Huang CK, Head M, Nelson CA, Oleynikov D, Siu KC. Virtual Laparoscopic Surgical Skills Practice Using a Multi-Degree of Freedom Joystick. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics. 2014; 196: 170-4

Vallabhajosula S, Judkins TN, Mukherjee M, Suh IH, Oleynikov D, Siu KC. Skills Learning in robot-assisted surgery is benefited by task-specific augmented feedback? Surgical Innovation. 2013; 20(6): 639-647.

Ehlers L, Suh IH, LaGrange C, Oleynikov D, Siu KC. Examination of muscle effort and fatigue during virtual reality simulation and laparoscopic surgical skills practice. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 2013; 184:122-8.

Suh IH, Mukherjee M, Shah BC, Oleynikov D, Siu KC. Retention of Fundamentals Surgical Skills Learned in Robot-Assisted Surgery. Journal of Robotic Surgery 2012; 6: 301-9.

Park SH, Suh IH, Chien JH, Paik JH, Ritter FE, Oleynikov D, Siu KC. Modeling Surgical Skill Learning with Cognitive Simulation. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 2011; 163: 428-32.

Selected Publications related to Occupational Health:
Lin KH, Lin KY, Siu KC. Psychiatric symptoms on Return to Work after Injury: A systematic review. Occupational Medicine. 2016; 66(7): 514-21.

Please visit Pubmed for the complete list of published works.

2016       Siu KC, Nelson C, Zahiri M, Oleynikov D, “Portable Camera Aided Simulator (PortCAS) for Minimally Invasive Surgical Training”, U.S. Patent Application published on May 12, 2016, No. US 2016/0133158 A1

Book chapters:
White A, Siu KC (2016). Virtual Simulation and Surgical Education: Current Challenges and Future Solutions. In: Hill, Z. (Ed.) Virtual Reality: Advances in Research and Applications. pp. 1-26. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Youn IH, Khazanchi D, Youn JH, Siu KC (2016). Multidimensional Mobility Metric for Continuous Gait Monitoring using a Single Accelerometer. In Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Health Informatics and Medical System. (In-Press)

1)    NIOSH CS-CASH Center Pilot grant, I am the PI of the grant. This project will develop a mobile application for farmers in Nebraska to self-assess their postural stability in the farm setting.
2)    SAGES research grant, I am a co-I of the grant. This project will study upper limb biomechanics and muscle fatigue in surgeons when they perform minimally invasive surgery in the operating room.

Professional Affiliations
American Physical Therapy Association
Nebraska Physical Therapy Association
Society of Neuroscience
American Society of Biomechanics

2014 SAHP Excellence in Research Award recipient