Tammy L. Webster, PhD, MPA, RT(R)(M), FAEIRS

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
Program Director and Associate Professor

Radiography, CT, and CVIT
Department of Clinical, Diagnostic, & Therapeutic Sciences

University of Nebraska Medical Center
984545 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-4545

Academic Appointments:
Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, CAHP, 2020
Associate Professor, UNMC, 2016
Program Director, Radiography, CVIT, and CT Divisions, UNMC, 2013
Clinical Education Coordinator, Radiography, UNMC, 2001
Assistant Professor, Division of Radiation Science Technology Education, UNMC, 2006

PhD, UNMC MSIA, 2018
MPA, Masters of Public Administration, UNO, 2002
BS, Radiography, UNMC, 2000
ARRT certified Radiographer & Mammographer

Publications (last 5 years):

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Webster T
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Primary Teaching Responsibilities:
MITS 312R Radiographic Technology I
MITS 313R Radiographic Technology II
MITS 305R Special Projects I - Radiography
MITS 306R Special Projects II - Radiography
MITS 468/668R Special Projects II - CVIT
CAHP 420 Foundations of Information Technology in Healthcare
HPTT 622/822 Cognitive Psychology - Master of Health Professions Teaching and Technology