University of Nebraska Medical Center

UNMC Return-To-Sport Testing After Knee Surgery

UNMC Biomechanics Testing in the Clinical Movement Analysis Lab

Return-to-sport testing at the University of Nebraska Medical Center includes muscle strength, jumping performance, biomechanics, knee function, and confidence testing in the state-of-the-art Clinical Movement Analysis Lab in the Physical Therapy Program.

Who should complete return-to-sport testing?

  • Have had recent knee surgery and are preparing to return to sport

Why is return-to-sport testing recommended?

  • Testing helps you and your medical team determine the optimal timing for safe and successful return to sport
  • Meeting return-to-sport criteria reduces reinjury risk by 84%

What is done with the test results?

  • All test results will be reviewed by Liz Wellsandt, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS. Dr. Wellsandt is an orthopedic certified specialist in physical therapy and an expert in rehabilitation and return-to-sport decision-making after knee injury.
  • Test results will be shared with you and your physical therapist, athletic trainer, and/or surgeon.