Surgeons and Engineers from UNMC, UNO, and UNL Innovating Surgical Technology

The UNMC Center for Advanced Surgical Technology (CAST) is a collaborative, multidisciplinary group of surgeons, physicians, engineers, and computer scientists from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, University of Nebraska at Omaha, and University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Our team seeks to develop innovative surgical technology through collaborative, interdisciplinary biomedical research. 

Created in 2005, CAST is a Program of Excellence in Comparative Effectiveness Research. It is also a Board of Regents Center of Excellence. Since then, CAST has evolved as a significant contributor to the national effort in advancing surgical technology. Our team of researchers builds on current expertise in the University of Nebraska System, developing a nationally prominent biomedical research center for surgical technology in Nebraska. 

In addition to research development and testing, we support surgical training and education, professional opportunities, collaboration, and technology transfer. We also offer the research infrastructure conducive to projects for training undergraduate and graduate students in advanced surgical technologies.